International Association for Cryptologic Research

IACR 2017 Election


The 2017 election was held to fill three of nine IACR Director positions. 618 ballots were cast (39.6% of 1559 eligible voters). The results are below, with elected candidates marked in bold:

  • Tancrède Lepoint: 330
  • Masayuki Abe: 301
  • Moti Yung: 283
  • Josh Benaloh: 227
Election verification data can be found at

Candidates for Election in 2017

The following candidates for three IACR Director positions are listed in a randomly selected order.

    Tancrède Lepoint
    As your IACR board member, I will (1) foster fruitful relations among our theoretical & practica l researchers, industry, and standards, (2) improve the online services provided by the IACR (fr ont- and back-end), and (3) further develop the open and international dissemination of our resu lts and code.
    Josh Benaloh
    I have had the privilege of serving on the IACR Board for 17 years - as an officer, a conference chair, and a director. We have grown and addressed many challenges in those years, and we have many new challenges today. I seek the opportunity to continue working for the community.
    Moti Yung
    I like to continue supporting IACR's growth and increased excellence, to assure the special needs of individuals and all sub-communities (e.g., CHES, TCC). We need diversity of opinions, geographies, genders, and scientific areas, to assure continued success. Serving last term was a pleasure mixed with modest progress!
    • Longer statement: none given
    • Candidate home page: none given
    Masayuki Abe
    I have been serving the Board of Directors for three years and am currently serving the School Committee and Asiacrypt Steering Committee. Many changes have been made over the years. I would like to support the trend and contribute to the community using my experience.