International Association for Cryptologic Research

IACR 2011 Election

Report of the election committee

The 2011 election was held to fill three of nine IACR Director positions. The term of the following three directors expires by the end of 2011: Josh Benaloh, Stuart Haber, and Antoine Joux. This year, we had six candidates: Josh Benaloh, Alexandra Boldyreva, Shai Halevi, Phong Nguyen, Tom Shrimpton, and Nigel Smart (see below).

Voting IACR members were invited to cast their votes between October 1 and November 15, 2011. The vote was run electronically by the service. This year, IACR switched to "approval voting", meaning that each voter could vote for as many candidates as they desire (but only once for each candidate).

We had 1484 eligible voters. We collected 621 ballots, giving a record participation rate of 41.8%. The tallies are

  • 339: Shai Halevi
  • 328: Nigel Smart
  • 291: Josh Benaloh
  • 266: Phong Nguyen
  • 234: Alexandra Boldyreva
  • 188: Tom Shrimpton
The three elected directors are Shai Halevi, Nigel Smart, and Josh Benaloh. They are marked in bold above. Their term will run until 2014.

The election committee would like to thank all candidates for their participation, to congratulate the three elected directors, and to warmly thank Ben Adida for his help in running the helios system.

The election committee: Serge Vaudenay (Chair), Greg Rose, and Martijn Stam.

For inquiries: email to elections/at/

Candidates for Election in 2011

  • Josh Benaloh
    During more than a decade of service on the IACR Board as an officer, director, and conference chair, I led the establishment of verifiable electronic IACR elections, the policy of anonymous submission to IACR conferences, and the reduction of conference registration costs. I seek the opportunity to continue my service.

  • Alexandra Boldyreva
    I have been active with IACR for over 10 years. During that time, I've identified areas which I believe could be improved. If elected as a director, I will focus on improving communication with members, expanding the reach of our publications by accommodating broader topics, and bringing new students to conferences.

  • Shai Halevi
    I am a crypto researcher since the mid 90s, and I am currently serving as IACR membership secretary. As a director of the IACR, I will work to support our transition to open-access publication model, and to enhance the services that the IACR offers to the cryptology research community.

  • Phong Nguyen
    I've been serving on program committees of IACR conferences since 2002 and I'll be PC co-chair of EUROCRYPT 2013 and 2014. I would like to promote scientific excellence and open-access publishing. Please vote for Phong Nguyen. Thank you.

  • Tom Shrimpton
    It has been a pleasure to serve the IACR membership as Secretary (2007-2009) and as General Chair of CRYPTO'11. Now, I would very much like to serve as a Director of the Board. Please vote for me!

  • Nigel Smart
    Having served as both a prior PC and upcoming GC I have experience on the aspects of two of the main tasks the board assigns. What attracted me to Crypto was the combination of theory and practice, and I will aim to promote this if elected.