The 2008 IACR election consists of a bylaws change. These bylaws changes are described below in the Presidents statement. The exact changes are available with change bars and a clean copy .


The IACR board is considering replacing the current mail-based voting system for the annual IACR elections and for the IACR referenda with an electronic voting system. This is motivated by the shortcomings of the current paper-based system (e.g., reliability issues and delays of conventional mail) and by the progress of research in electronic voting.

The IACR board will only adopt an electronic voting scheme after a detailed analysis that evaluates the integrity and privacy of the scheme and that includes its design, implementation and operation. This analysis will take into account inputs from external electronic voting experts and from any interested party. The IACR Board intends to only adopt an electronic voting scheme if it has an open design and implementation, if it offers an adequate security and privacy level and if it is sufficiently mature and stable.

The proposed modifications of Article VI, XV and XVIII of the Bylaws remove the restriction to organize elections and referenda by paper ballots only; the adoption of an electronic voting system is still subject to approval by the membership.

The IACR board has the responsibility to monitor and evaluate the proper functioning of the voting system for each election and to report to the membership.