International Association for Cryptologic Research

IACR 2000 Elections: Candidates

  • Tom Berson

    I have served IACR since 1983 as Secretary, Treasurer, President, and Director. During that time we created premier cryptologic conferences, literature, and community. Our present challenges include electronic publication and sponsorship of workshops. I know where we have been and I know where we are going. Please vote for me.

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  • Yvo Desmedt

    Top quality papers in all areas of cryptography used to be sent primarily to IACR conferences. Due to the explosion of conferences, IACR is at a crossroad. This must be addressed properly. Being a member since 1983, I am in good position to make sure that IACR conferences remain attractive.

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  • Andrew Fernandes

    Who am I? A professional paranoid by day, valiantly protecting innocent algorithms from evil bureaucrats, all in the name of rampant capitalism... A crusader by night, passionately promulgating the latest ultra cool web ways to keep IACR members informed, aware, and well fed at every Crypto conference...

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  • Joe Kilian

    Best known as the submission-server guy, I've also served on CRYPTO and Eurocrypt program committees and am program chair for CRYPTO 2001. I have specific goals such as further internetizing our publications, but run mainly on a claim of general competence and the willingness to do the work.

  • Lars Knudsen

    I will be happy to serve as director of IACR. I think the IACR should continue being an organisation for cryptologic research with a strong link to applied research. Making FSE an IACR conference is a step in that direction. Member since 1991.

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  • Tsutomu Matsumoto

    As the general chair, I am having a real-time experience to prepare the first IACR-sponsored Asiacrypt conference. If elected, I would like to do my best for IACR to promote and maintain the worldwide integrity of cryptologic research.

  • Hilarie Orman

    The IACR's high standards for research review and publication are exemplary, and I will work to promote and sustain them. Accessibility to the material is essential to building a worldwide research community, and it is my goal to extend access in ways that are consistent with the IACR's commitments.

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  • Greg Rose

    I have recently finished a 6 year term on the board of USENIX, and would enjoy offering my experience and energy to the IACR, where my professional interests now lie.

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The elections will proceed as follows:

  • Ballots will be mailed to all IACR members by OCTOBER 1, 2000.
  • Ballots must be mailed to be received by the Returning Officer (Andy Clark, address to be found in the ballot) in the official envelopes by NOVEMBER 15, 2000.