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International Association
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Forms for IACR conference sites

The forms on this page make it easy to construct the comm.json and metadata.json files for your conference website using the IACR template. An additional tool has been created for constructing the program from websubrev information. The comm.json file contains the information about the program committee, and the metadata.json file contains other information.


Assuming your conference is listed in the IACR calendar of events, you can enter the name of your conference to retrieve your data for metadata.json:

comm.json for the program committee

The form below will help you create the JSON file for the program committee of an IACR conference, using names and affiliations from CryptoDB. You may need to correct some affiliations which are absent or incorrect. Do not reload this page or else you will lose your current data, but you can download as many times as you like to save your work.

You can start your list from past lists:

Full name:
CryptoDB ID:

Download json