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Paper: Online/Offline Signatures and Multisignatures for AODV and DSR Routing Security

Shidi Xu
Yi Mu
Willy Susilo
Xiaofeng Chen
Xinyi Huang
Fangguo Zhang
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Abstract: Efficient authentication is one of important security requirements in mobile ad hoc network (MANET) routing systems. The techniques of digital signatures are generally considered as the best candidates to achieve strong authentication. However, using normal digital signature schemes is too costly to MANET due to the computation overheads. Considering the feasibility of incorporating digital signatures in MANET, we incorporate the notion of online/offline signatures, where the computational overhead is shifted to the offline phase. However, due to the diversity of different routing protocols, a universal scheme that suits all MANET routing systems does not exist in the literature. Notably, an authentication scheme for the AODV routing is believed to be not suitable to the DSR routing. In this paper, we first introduce an efficient ID-based online/offline scheme for authentication in AODV and then provide a formal transformation to convert the scheme to an ID-based online/offline multisignature scheme. Our scheme is unique, in the sense that a single ID-based online/offline signature scheme can be applied to both AODV and DSR routing protocols. We provide the generic construction as well as the concrete schemes to show an instantiation of the generic transformation. We also provide security proofs for our schemes based on the random oracle model. Finally, we provide an application of our schemes in the dynamic source routing protocol.
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