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Paper: Comparing Two Pairing-Based Aggregate Signature Schemes

Sanjit Chatterjee
Darrel Hankerson
Edward Knapp
Alfred Menezes
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Abstract: In 2003, Boneh, Gentry, Lynn and Shacham (BGLS) devised the first provably-secure aggregate signature scheme. Their scheme uses bilinear pairings and their security proof is in the random oracle model. The first pairing-based aggregate signature scheme which has a security proof that does not make the random oracle assumption was proposed in 2006 by Lu, Ostrovsky, Sahai, Shacham and Waters (LOSSW). In this paper, we compare the security and efficiency of the BGLS and LOSSW schemes when asymmetric pairings derived from Barreto-Naehrig (BN) elliptic curves are employed.
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