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Paper: Unconditionally Secure Multiparty Set Intersection Re-Visited

Arpita Patra
Ashish Choudhary
C. Pandu Rangan
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Abstract: In this paper, we re-visit the problem of unconditionally secure multiparty set intersection in information theoretic model. Li \cite{LiSetMPCACNS07} have proposed a protocol for $n$-party set intersection problem, which provides unconditional security when $t < \frac{n}{3}$ players are corrupted by an active adversary having {\it unbounded computing power}. Moreover, they have claimed that their protocol takes six rounds of communication and incurs a communication complexity of ${\cal O}(n^4m^2)$, where each player has a set of size $m$. However, we show that the round complexity and communication complexity of the protocol in \cite{LiSetMPCACNS07} is much more than what is claimed in \cite{LiSetMPCACNS07}. We then propose a {\it novel} unconditionally secure protocol for multiparty set intersection problem with $n > 3t$ players, which significantly improves the "actual" round and communication complexity (as shown in this paper) of the protocol given in \cite{LiSetMPCACNS07}. To design our protocol, we use several tools which are of independent interest.
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