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Paper: Foundations of Group Key Management – Framework, Security Model and a Generic Construction

Naga Naresh Karuturi
Ragavendran Gopalakrishnan
Rahul Srinivasan
Pandu Rangan Chandrasekaran
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Abstract: Group Key Management (GKM) solves the problem of efficiently establishing and managing secure communication in dynamic groups. Many GKM schemes that have been proposed so far have been broken, as they cite ambiguous arguments and lack formal proofs. In fact, no concrete framework and security model for GKM exists in literature. This paper addresses this serious problem by providing firm foundations for Group Key Management. We provide a generalized framework for centralized GKM along with a formal security model and strong definitions for the security properties that dynamic groups demand. We also show a generic construction of a centralized GKM scheme from any given multi-receiver ID-based Key Encapsulation Mechanism (mID-KEM). By doing so, we unify two concepts that are significantly different in terms of what they achieve. Our construction is simple and efficient. We prove that the resulting GKM inherits the security of the underlying mID-KEM up to CCA security. We also illustrate our general conversion using the mID-KEM proposed in 2007 by Delerablée.
  title={Foundations of Group Key Management – Framework, Security Model and a Generic Construction},
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