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International Association
for Cryptologic Research


Paper: Efficient One-round Key Exchange in the Standard Model

Colin Boyd
Yvonne Cliff
Juan M. Gonzalez Nieto
Kenneth G. Paterson
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Abstract: We consider one-round identity-based key exchange protocols secure in the standard model. The security analysis uses the powerful security model of Canetti and Krawczyk and a natural extension of it to the ID-based setting. It is shown how KEMs can be used in a generic way to obtain two different protocol designs with progressively stronger security guarantees. A detailed analysis of the performance of the protocols is included; surprisingly, when instantiated with specific KEM constructions, the resulting protocols are competitive with the best previous schemes that have proofs only in the random oracle model.
  title={Efficient One-round Key Exchange in the Standard Model},
  booktitle={IACR Eprint archive},
  keywords={cryptographic protocols / key establishment, key encapsulation, id-based cryptography, standard model},
  note={This is the full version of the paper appearing at ACISP 2008 14006 received 3 Jan 2008, last revised 7 May 2008},
  author={Colin Boyd and Yvonne Cliff and Juan M. Gonzalez Nieto and Kenneth G. Paterson},