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Paper: Towards Security Two-part Authenticated Key Agreement Protocols

Songping Li
Quan Yuan
Jin Li
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Abstract: We first present a new security 2-AK protocol, which is more secure and more efficient than previously proposed ones. Meanwhile, we point that Xie's ID-2-AK protocol modified from McCullagh-Barreto in CT-RSA 2005 doesn't provide protection against KCI attack likewise, and finally utilize the modular arithmetic, first proposed in MQV and also used in Kim, to get a modified new ID-2-AK protocol. On second thoughts, we give another ID-2-AK protocol utilizing the operation of addition in finite field like our forenamed 2-AK protocol. The two ID-2-AK protocols are in possession of all the desired security attributes. We also compare our new protocols with others in terms of computational cost and security properties.
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