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Paper: Separable Linkable Threshold Ring Signatures

Patrick P. Tsang
Victor K. Wei
Tony K. Chan
Man Ho Au
Joseph K. Liu
Duncan S. Wong
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Abstract: A ring signature scheme is a group signature scheme with no group manager to setup a group or revoke a signer. A linkable ring signature, introduced by Liu, et al. \cite{LWW04}, additionally allows anyone to determine if two ring signatures are signed by the same group member (a.k.a. they are \emph{linked}). In this paper, we present the first separable linkable ring signature scheme, which also supports an efficient thresholding option. We also present the security model and reduce the security of our scheme to well-known hardness assumptions. In particular, we introduce the security notions of {\em accusatory linkability} and {\em non-slanderability} to linkable ring signatures. Our scheme supports ``event-oriented'' linking. Applications to such linking criterion is discussed.
  title={Separable Linkable Threshold Ring Signatures},
  booktitle={IACR Eprint archive},
  keywords={public-key cryptography / ring signatures, linkability, separability},
  note={An extended abstract of this paper was in Indocrypt'04. 12740 received 15 Oct 2004, last revised 18 Nov 2004},
  author={Patrick P. Tsang and Victor K. Wei and Tony K. Chan and Man Ho Au and Joseph K. Liu and Duncan S. Wong},