International Association for Cryptologic Research

International Association
for Cryptologic Research


Paper: Mobile Terminal Security

Olivier Benoit
Nora Dabbous
Laurent Gauteron
Pierre Girard
Helena Handschuh
David Naccache
St\'ephane Soci\'e
Claire Whelan
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Abstract: The miniaturization of electronics and recent developments in biometric and screen technologies will permit a pervasive presence of embedded systems. This - and the inclusion of networking capabilities and IP addresses in many handheld devices - will foster the widespread deployment of personal mobile equipment.\smallskip This work attempts to overview these diverse aspects of mobile device security. We will describe mobile networks' security (WLAN and WPAN security, GSM and 3GPP security) and address platform security issues such as bytecode verification for mobile equipment and protection against viruses and Trojan horses in mobile environment - with a concrete J2ME implementation example. Finally we will turn to hardware attacks and briefly survey the physical weaknesses that can be exploited to compromise mobile equipment.\smallskip
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