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Paper: Tail-MAC: A Message Authentication Scheme for Stream Ciphers

Bartosz Zoltak
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Abstract: Tail-MAC, A predecessor to the VMPC-MAC, algorithm for computing Message Authentication Codes for stream ciphers is described along with the analysis of its security. The proposed algorithm was designed to employ some of the data already computed by the underlying stream cipher in the purpose of minimizing the computational cost of the operations required by the MAC algorithm. The performed analyses indicate several problems with the security of the scheme and lead to a new design which described in a paper "VMPC-MAC: A Stream Cipher Based Authenticated Encryption Scheme". The new scheme solves all the problems found at a cost of some compromise in the performance.
  title={Tail-MAC: A Message Authentication Scheme for Stream Ciphers},
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  keywords={secret-key cryptography / Authenticated encryption, MAC, HMAC, stream cipher, hash function},
  note={Outlined at FSE 2004 Rump Session, Delhi, India, 5-7 Feb. 2004; outlined at national Polish-language, no-proceedings cryptology conference Enigma 2004, Warsaw, 11-13 May 2004 12733 received 19 Feb 2004, last revised 10 Nov 2004},
  author={Bartosz Zoltak},