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Paper: Yet Another Sieving Device

Willi Geiselmann
Rainer Steinwandt
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Abstract: A compact mesh architecture for supporting the relation collection step of the number field sieve is described. Differing from TWIRL, only isolated chips without inter-chip communication are used. According to a preliminary analysis for 768-bit numbers, with a 130 nm process one mesh-based device fits on a single chip of ca. (4.9 cm)^2 - the largest proposed chips in the TWIRL cluster for 768-bit occupy ca. (6.7 cm)^2. A 300 mm silicon wafer filled with the mesh-based devices is about 6.3 times slower than a wafer with TWIRL clusters, but due to the moderate chip size, lack of inter-chip communication, and the comparatively regular structure, from a practical point of view the mesh-based approach might be as attractive as TWIRL.
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