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Paper: Multiplicative Masking and Power Analysis of AES

Jovan Dj. Goli\'{c}
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Abstract: The recently proposed multiplicative masking countermeasure against power analysis attacks on AES is interesting as it does not require the costly recomputation and RAM storage of S-boxes for every run of AES. This is important for applications where the available space is very limited such as the smart card applications. Unfortunately, it is here shown that this method is in fact inherently vulnerable to differential power analysis. Other possible random masking methods are also discussed.
  title={Multiplicative Masking and Power Analysis of AES},
  booktitle={IACR Eprint archive},
  keywords={secret-key cryptography / AES, differential power analysis, countermeasures, multiplicative masking},
  note={Presented at (internal) Gemplus Quarterly meeting, La Ciotat, France, October 30-31, 2001. 11876 received 8 Jul 2002},
  author={Jovan Dj. Goli\'{c}},