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Eurocrypt 2011 (May 15th-19th, 2011, Tallinn, Estonia)


The description of the official conference excursion follows. Note that we may add some more options for ``unofficial'' excursions later.

Conference Excursion: Medieval Tallinn -- guided walking tour

Tallinn is one of the finest medieval old towns in all of Northern Europe.

Tallinn was first mentioned in 1154 by Arabic geographer al-Idrisi under the name of Kolan. In the 14th century the Tallinn's town walls reached their final size, in the 16th century it was one of the most powerful fortresses in Northern Europe. From the middle-age towns Tallinn has most illustratively maintained its 15th century outlook with its churches, the City Hall (1404), the Guild buildings and numerous civic houses.

The guide will take you to the Dome Hill (Toompea), the seat of the Parliament of Estonia, Long Hermann Tower, the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Alexander, the Lutheran Dome Church (St. Mary's Cathedral) with its more than 100 coats of arms, etc. The walking tour gives an introduction to the historical heart of Tallinn, which especially during the 15th century was a rich and prosperous town of Hansa merchants. A stroll through the narrow cobble-stone lanes will take you to a scenic viewpoint platform of the Lower Town with its red rooftops, and a beautiful view to the sea. The tour continues by strolling along the narrow cobblestone streets down to the Town Hall Square that features the gothic Town Hall from 13/14th century -- one of the oldest in Northern Europe.

Registration: together with registration to the conference.