Eurocrypt 2003

      RUMP SESSION      

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Warsaw, May 6, 2003

Rump Session Chair: Stanislaw Jarecki

Rump Session Program

Cryptanalysis and Other Daring Attacks
7:00 Cryptanalysis of Augot and Finiasz Cryptosystem of Eurocrypt 2003
Jean-Sebastien Coron, Gemplus, France
7:07 Cryptanalysis of the General Approach of the Polynomial-Reconstruction Based Public Key System
Moti Yung, Columbia University, joint work with Aggelas Kiayias
7:12 Cryptanalysis of the Alleged SecurID Hash Function
Alex Biryukov, joint work with Joseph Lano, Bart Preneel
7:17 On the Lenstra-Verheul Guidelines for Selecting Key Sizes
Alain P. Hiltgen, Switzerland
7:20 A Linear Distinguishing Attack on Scream
Alexander Maximov, joint work with Thomas Johansson
7:25 Cryptoanalysis of the Solitaire cipher
Marina Pudovkina, MPEI, Russia
7:30 (1) Chemical Combinatorial Attacks; and (2) PKZIP RSA
David Naccache, Gemplus
7:34Twirl Twiddles Too
Arjen Lenstra, joint work with Hughs, Leyland, Dodson

Public-Key Crypto
7:38Lower Bounds on the Efficiency of Encryption and Digital Signature Schemes
Rosario Gennaro, IBM, USA, joint work with Yael Gertner, Jonathan Katz
7:43How to Fool an Unbounded Adversary with a Short Key Even Better
Adam Smith, USA
7:48Public Key with Single Key per User with Escrow-Encryption and Non-Escrow Sining
Moti Young, Columbia University, joint work with Lee
7:53Sequential Aggregate Signatures from Trapdoor Homomorphic Permutations
Hovav Shacham, Stanford
7:58Parallel Signcryptionfrom any trapdoor permutation
Yevgeniy Dodis, USA, joint work with Michael Freedman, Shabsi Walfish
8:03Subgroup Signatures and Constant Size Ring Signatures
Yevgeniy Dodis, USA, joint work with Aggelos Kiayias, Antonio Nicolosi, Victor Shoup

Announcements about Standards, Standard Groups, Conferences, and Plagues
8:08New European Schemes for Signature, Integrity, and Encryption
Bart Preneel, Belgium
8:132nd International Security in Storage Workshop
James Hughs
8:15IEEE Security in Strage Standard Group
James Hughs
Antony Lebedev, LANCrypto, Moscow
8:19Asiacrypt 2003
Chi-Sung Laih, Taiwan

15 minutes BREAK!!!

Exotic, Quantum, and Multi-Party Stuff
8:40Secure Multiplication of Shared Secrets in the Exponent
Rosario Gennaro, IBM, USA joint work with Mario Di Raimondo, U. of Catania, Italy
8:45Graphs in cryptography, proposal for new optics
Kamil Kulesza, Polish Academy of Science, joint work with Zbigniew Kotulski
8:50Geometry of Compact Manifolds in Cryptography
Laszlo Csimras, Hungary
8:55On the Power of Quantum Memory
Renato Renner, joint work with Robert Konig, Ueli Maurer
9:00Cryptography, CS, and Quantum Computing Research Program Testing
Steve Meyer, USA
9:05Honey, I shrunk the Bank Notes
Marc Joye, France, joint work with David Naccache

9:11On the Additive Differential Probability of Exclusive-Or
Johan Wallen, Finland, joint work with Philippe Dumas, Helger Lipmaa
9:14The unicity distance of GI stream ciphers
Marina Pudovkina, MPEI Russia
9:19Rabbit: A New High-Performance Stream Cipher
Ove Scavenius, Cryptico, Denmark, joint work with Martin Boesgaard, Mette Vesterager, Tomas Pedersen, Jesper Christiansen
9:24On Designing Fast Ciphers Based on Data-Dependent Operation
Nick A. Moldovyan
9:29Now that FAGCI is dismissed, what follows?
Anatoly Lebedev, LANCrypto, Russia