Eurocrypt '98 Rump Session

Tuesday, June 2, 1998
Chair: Jim Massey

Speakers are indicated in bold face.

Part I - 10 minute presentations

Solitaire zero knowledge
V. Niemi and A. Renvall
Pseudo random generators with guaranteed diversity
A. Shamir and B. Tsaban
A new simple and efficient batch RSA (Rabin) based cryptosystem
Z. Shmuely
The policeman in the middle attack
M. Joye, J.-J. Quisquater, and M. Yung.
An efficient algorithm for SPKI/SDSI group membership.
J.E. Elien, M. Fredette, A. Morcos, & R. Rivest
Non-injectivity of a public key cryptosystem
J. Koskinen
A comment on the BBDW96 threshold scheme
Y. Desmedt

Part II: 7 minute presentations

No weak keys in RC5a?
R. Wobst
Maurer's universal test and random source entropy
J.-S. Coron
Speeding up the parallelized Pollard lambda search on binary anomalous curves
R. Gallant, R. Lambert and S. Vanstone
A block cipher called SEA
D. Naccache
Securely revisiting distributed key generation
R. Gennaro, S. Jarecki, & T. Rabin
Multi-DES: Properties of DES that facilitate differential cryptanalysis
J. Stiebel
A timing attack on RC5
H. Handschuh
Compact ISO 9796
C. Clavier
Smart card cryptoprocessors for Public Key Cryptography
H. Handschuh and P. Paillier
Making cryptanalysis illegal
Y. Desmedt
A week of key conferences
J.-J. Quisquater