EUROCRYPT '97 -- General Information
May 11 -- 15, 1997, Konstanz, Germany

Location: The location of the city of Konstanz (in the south west of Germany) is situated -- as the name suggests -- at the Lake Konstanz and the River Rhine as well, near the swiss border. During the Middle Ages Konstanz played an important role. The huge Council building, the Minster with its cloister, the Cathedral Dean's house, the Island hotel (a former Dominican monastery) and the archeological finds now exhibited in the Regional Museum of Archeology are only a few of many sites worth visiting. Konstanz has lots of other historic buildings, narrow streets, and a promenade along the Lake Konstanz inviting to a stroll. Another touristic highlight is a floral island of Mainau, a famous park of tropical plants. The meeting will take place at:

Konzil Building, Hafenstraße 2, D-78462 Konstanz

The building was constructed in 1388 as a warehouse. Its most famous use was when from the 8th to 11th November of 1417 the council was held in the upper hall where Cardinal Otto v. Colonna was elected as Pope Martin V. This hall will used for the presentation during the EuroCrypt. In 1970 the building was modernized, keeping the old fabric but including modern conference facilities. The basement area will be used as reception and restaurant during the conference.

Accomodations: A pre-reservation has been made. The booking should be done through the local tourist office using the enclosed Hotel Reservation Form. It should be noted that the deadline for the hotel bookings is the 1st of April 1997. The Reservation Cards should be sent to the following address:
Information Konstanz GmbH, Tagungsservice,
	Fischmarkt 2, D-78462 Konstanz;
	Tel.: + 49 7531 1330-24, Fax: + 49 7531 1330-60
Four different categories of hotels are available
	Category		Price Single	Price Double
	Bath/Shower + WC	150 -- 270 DM	250 -- 440 DM
	Shower + WC		 95 -- 140 DM	160 -- 220 DM
	Shower			 70 --  90 DM	110 -- 150 DM
	Running water		 45 --  88 DM	 80 -- 105 DM
The notification will be done separately by the hotels. Hotels may also be located in Switzerland. All hotels can be reached in 20 minutes time -- either by walking or local transportation.
Price: The conference fee includes the proceedings, the reception on Sunday evening, coffee breaks, lunch (Monday till Thursday), a supper on Monday, the excursion on Tuesday, and the conference dinner on Wednesday. Services for accompanying persons are not included. The conference fee is:
DM when you register before April 1st,
	780,-- DM	when you register after April 1st.
For full-time students there is a reduced fee:
	365,-- DM	when you register before April 1st,
	415,-- DM	when you register after April 1st.
Persons taking advantage of this reduced fee must provide credentials (e.g. a copy of their student identity card) with their registration. Print here registration form.
All payments must be made in Deutsche Mark (DM). Payments can be made either by credit card (we accept Master Card and Visa) or bank transfer.

Preliminary Schedule:
			Morning	   	   Afternoon		Evening
	Sun, 11th						Registration and Reception
	Mon, 12th	Program Block 1	   Program Block 2	Rump Session
	Tue, 13th 	Program Block 3	   Excursion
	Wed, 14th	Program Block 4	   Program Block 5	Conference Dinner
	Thu, 15th	Program Block 6
An excursion to the floral island of Mainau is planned for Tuesday after lunch. A shuttle service will be arranged. The admission charge is included in the conference fee for all conference participants. On Wednesday evening there will be a reception and a conference dinner on board of MS Graf Zeppelin. While enjoying a buffet entertained by medieval music the boat will cruise on the Lake Konstanz. Companions may join both social events (for addional fee).

Companion Program: Especially for accompanying persons several excursions are offered during the conference. Each companion program has a minimum number of participants. In case of insufficient participation, the money will be refunded.
Monday Morning: äTour de Ville" 20 DM Go on a sight seeing tour
through the medieval part of Konstanz. Visit the patrician merchant
houses. Take a rest at a little wine tavern.  This tour takes approximately 
2.5 hours. (English speaking guide)

Tuesday Morning: Stadt Meersburg	40 DM
Travel by ship to the vinary town of Meersburg. Visit the new castle and
go sight seeing through the pittoresque old town. (English speaking guide)

Tuesday Afternoon: Island of Mainau	30 DM
Travel by bus to the famous floral island of Mainau. Admire the beautiful
subtropical flowers and birds. Walk to the exotical arrangement of the gardens.

Wednesday Morning: Schlo˛ Arenenberg	40 DM
Arenenberg castle is located in Switzerland close to the village of Ermatingen.
Napoleon III has spent part of his childhood there, when the Bonaparte family
was exiled. (English speaking guide)

Wednesday Evening: Conference Dinner 50 DM As mentioned above, the
conference dinner will take place cruising the Lake Konstanz and enjoying
medieval music.
Deadlines: Please register before the 1st of April (hotel reservation and conference). Afterwards a reservation is always possible, but it cannot be guaranteed that hotel rooms close to the Konzil Building are available. Please take into account that even though mid May is not peak season but Konstanz is a well known tourist resort.

How to get to Konstanz: From Zurich Airport in Switzerland (at 75 km from Konstanz) it takes approximately 1 hour travelling time. Zurich airport offers international connection flights. Alternatively Frankfurt Airport in Germany may be used which has more international connection flights, but you have to add 4 to 5 hours travelling time (by train from Frankfurt to Konstanz).

Notification: Each participants will in time receive a confirmation by post including the updated conference details. The hotel confirmation is done by the hotel. If you have any question concerning the hotel reservation please contact the tourist office in Konstanz directly.

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