Automatic Search of Attacks on Round-Reduced AES and Applications

Charles Bouillaguet, Patrick Derbez, and Pierre-Alain Fouque

Abstract. In this paper, we describe versatile and powerful algorithms for searching guess-and-determine and meet-in-the-middle attacks on byte-oriented symmetric primitives. To demonstrate the strengh of these tool, we show that they allows to automatically discover new attacks on round-reduced AES with very low data complexity, and to find improved attacks on the AES-based MACs Alpha-MAC and Pelican-MAC, and also on the AES-based stream cipher LEX. Finally, the tools can be used in the context of fault attacks. These algorithms exploit the algebraically simple byte-oriented structure of the AES. When the attack found by the tool are practical, they have been implemented and validated.

Keywords: Tools for cryptanalysis, AES, LEX, Pelican-MAC, algebraic attack