Crypto '96 Rump Session Presentations

The Crypto '96 rump session is an informal session of impromptu talks, including recent technical talks, policital items, history, standards, and humorous items. There is no refereeing process.

Ground rules

7:00 Stuart Haber


7:05 H. Gilbert, A. Odlyzko, and J.-J. Quisquater et. al.
Weaknesses in Shamir's "RSA for Paranoids"
7:12 Tal Milkin
An attack on the Harn-Lin oblivious transfer protocol
7:16 John Kelsey
Timing attacks and IDEA
7:20 Marc Joye and J.-J. Quisquater
The importance of securing your bin


7:26 Whitfield Diffie


7:33 Burt Kaliski
IEEE P1363 update
7:36 John Kennedy
ANSI X9 standards for Diffie-Hellman and triple-DES
7:39 Louis Guillou
ISO/IE 9796-2: A search for minimal storage and transmission overheads for digital signatures

Analysis I

7:42 Y. Kaneko, S. Moriai, and H. Miyano
Provable security of a DES-like cipher depending on its number of rounds
7:47 W. Aiello, M. Bellare, G. DiCrescenzo, and R. Venkatesan
The effective key length of triple DES and related transformations


7:52 Eric Hughes, et. al.


Simon Blackburn
Linear complexity profiles in O(m (log m)^2 log log m) time

New constructions I

8:10 Don Coppersmith, Don Johnson, and Stephen M. Matyas
Triple DES cipher block chaining with output feedback masking
8:17 Moti Young and Adam Young


8:22 Matt Blaze
Oblivious key escrow
8:28 Carl Ellison
Key recovery without third parties
8:31 Ross Anderson
Euroclipper: the GCHQ protocol


8:37 John Gilmore
Crypto export controls are unconstitutional (and we're proving it this year)
Securing 5% of the internet against wiretaps by Christmas

System, etc.

8:44 Matt Blaze, Joan Feigenbaum, and Jack Lacy
Trust management
8:49 Eric Blossom
Real-world issues in the design and implementation of a triple-DES secure phone


Alain P. Hiltgen
A simple probabilistic argument yielding the order of correlation immunity and the resilience of a composed function


9:10 Shai Halevi and Hugo Krawczyk
Software message authentication towards Gbit/sec rates
9:16 Gene Itkis
Asymmetric MACs

New constructions II

9:21 Daniele Micciancio
An oblivious data structure and its applications to cryptography
9:26 Ran Canetti and Rosario Gennaro
Incoercible multi-party computation
9:31 Jeffrey Hoffstein, Jill Pipher, and Joseph Silverman
A ring-based public-key cryptosystem

Analysis II

9:37 Hiroshi Miyano
Append dependency of linear/differential probability of addition
9:42 A. M. Youssef, T. W. Cusick, P. Stanica, and S. E. Tavares
New bounds on the number of functions satisfying the strict avalanche criternion

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