Electronic Submission

Electronic submissions to ASIACRYPT 2005 should preferably be in Portable Document Format (PDF), although PostScript (PS) will be allowed. If at all possible, the submission should be in US letter paper size (rather than A4), and should use Type 1 fonts (rather than Type 3 fonts).

This web page gives a few instructions and tips on preparing your submission document. On many platforms, it is fairly easy to prepare a document in a wide variety of formats, and then convert it to either PDF or PS. Most authors will be using LaTeX to prepare their submissions. While this approach is not strictly required, it is strongly recommended; moreover, papers accepted to the conference must be prepared using LaTeX (different instructions for preparing final versions of accepted papers will be sent to authors of accepted papers). The remainder of this web page deals only with LaTeX (and in fact, only with LaTeX 2e, the "modern" version of LaTeX), and is geared towards Unix and Unix-like platforms.

Fonts: Type 1 vs. Type 3

Type 3 fonts are the culprits behind those ugly, fuzzy looking PDF files you sometimes see on the web (although they usually print OK). Type 1 fonts yield PDF files that display well on screen. Take a look:

Type 1 fonts Type 3 fonts

Some PDF viewers deal with Type 3 fonts better than others, but it is better to simply avoid them in the first place. Unfortunately, some traditional methods of producing PDF files using LaTeX often yield PDF files with Type 3 fonts. However, most relatively modern distributions of LaTeX make it easy to produce PDF (and PS) with Type 1 fonts: sometimes the system defaults may be set up to do this automatically, and sometimes not. The instructions below should guarantee that you get Type 1 fonts, regardless of the default configuration.

Paper Size: Letter vs. A4

A document with an A4 paper size tends to get cropped when printed on US letter printers, whereas a document with a US letter paper size does not tend to get cropped when printed on an A4 printer (although it will not look particularly beautiful, either). For this reason, the US letter is the preferred paper size for submissions. The instructions below should guarantee that you get US letter paper size, regardless of your system's default configuration.

The authors are directed to visit the following site and follow the instructions given there to submit the papers. Please visit http://www.softconf.com/start/ASIACRYPT2005/submit.html