How to reach Conference Venue / Hotels

Airport :

In Madras (Chennai), the domestic terminal and the international terminal are adjacent buildings. They have very simple structure with only exit (one exit for international and one exit for domestic). In the international terminal after clearing customs you will see the exit doot and as soon as you exit, you may look for "ASIACRYPT - Hi Tours" desk. The people at the desk will assist you with information / guidance / transport.

Transportation :

1) Pre paid taxi system : In Indian Airports, you will notice "Pre Paid Taxi" counters where you pay in advance for the taxi (in Indian Rupees) and avail the taxi service. You need not pay anything to the driver but tipping 20 rupees is appropriate. The taxi charges to the hotel will be around Rs.300-315 by A/C car and around 250 by non A/C cars. We recommend you to take A/C cars. The details of distance, charges etc are uploaded in the homepage now. The current conversion rate for 1 US Dollar is 45.75 Indian Rupees.

2) Hi-Tours themselves offer taxi services (by better cars). Their charges are Rs.350 for Non A/C cars and Rs.475 for A/C cars. Thus the charges will be in the range from 7 to 11 US dollars, depending on the service you choose. Most hotels are situated within 15-17 Kms from the airport.

Kindly note that this rate is per car and not per person. So pooling can be done if you so desire.