List of Accepted Papers

  1. Submission 16:
    A Failure-Friendly Design Principle for Hash Functions
    Stefan Lucks

  2. Submission 20:
    Gate Evaluation Secret Sharing And Secure One-Round Two-Party Computation
    Vladimir Kolesnikov

  3. Submission 27:
    New Improvements of Davies-Murphy Cryptanalysis
    Sabastien Kunz-Jacques, Fradaric Muller

  4. Submission 42:
    New Applications of Time Memory Data Tradeoffs
    Jin Hong, Palash Sarkar

  5. Submission 55:
    Verifier-Local Revocation Group Signature Schemes with Backward Unlinkability from Bilinear Maps
    Toru Nakanishi, Nobuo Funabiki

  6. Submission 61:
    A Near-Practical Attack against B mode of HBB
    Joydip Mitra

  7. Submission 67:
    Modular Security Proofs for Key Agreement Protocols
    Caroline Kudla, Kenneth G. Paterson

  8. Submission 69:
    A Sender Verifiable Mix-Net and a New Proof of a Shuffle
    Douglas Wikstram

  9. Submission 74:
    Fast Computation of Large Distributions and Its Cryptographic Applications
    Alexander Maximov, Thomas Johansson

  10. Submission 79:
    An Analysis of the XSL Algorithm
    Carlod Cid, Gaetan Leurent

  11. Submission 81:
    Spreading Alerts Quietly and the Subgroup Escape Problem
    James Aspnes, Zoe Diamadi, Kristian Gjosteen, Rene Peralta, Aleksandr Yampolskiy

  12. Submission 83:
    Parallel Multi-Party Computation from Linear Multi-Secret Sharing Schemes
    Zhifang Zhang, Mulan Liu, Liangliang Xiao

  13. Submission 87:
    Related-Key Rectangle Attack on the Full KASUMI
    Eli Biham, Orr Dunkelman, Nathan Keller

  14. Submission 97:
    Do All Elliptic Curves of the Same Order Have the Same Difficulty of Discrete Log?
    David Jao, Ramarathnam Venkatesan, Stephen D. Miller

  15. Submission 98:
    Updatable Zero-Knowledge Databases
    Moses Liskov

  16. Submission 99:
    Server-Aided Verification: Theory and Practice
    Marc Girault, David Lefranc

  17. Submission 100:
    Privacy-Preserving Graph Algorithms in the Semi-Honest Model
    Justin Brickell, Vitaly Shmatikov

  18. Submission 111:
    Errors in Computational Complexity Proofs for Protocols
    Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Colin Boyd, Yvonne Hitchcock

  19. Submission 113:
    Universal Designated Verifier Signature Proof
    Joonsang Baek, Reihaneh Safavi-Naini, Willy Susilo

  20. Submission 114:
    Universal Anonymizable Public-Key Encryption
    Ryotaro Hayashi, Keisuke Tanaka

  21. Submission 121:
    An Efficient and Secure Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication using Double-Base Chains
    Vassil S. Dimitrov, Laurent Imbert, Pradeep K. Mishra

  22. Submission 137:
    Identity-Based Hierarchical Strongly Key-Insulated Encryption and Its Application
    Yumiko Hanaoka, Goichiro Hanaoka, Junji Shikata, Hideki Imai

  23. Submission 142:
    Efficient and Provably-Secure Identity-Based Signatures and Signcryption from Bilinear Maps
    Paulo S. L. M. Barreto, Benoit Libert, Noel McCullagh, Jean-Jacques Quisquater

  24. Submission 147:
    Linear Cryptanalysis of the TSC Family of Stream Ciphers
    Fradaric Muller, Thomas Peyrin

  25. Submission 149:
    Efficient Designated Confirmer Signatures Without Random Oracles or General Zero-Knowledge Proofs
    Craig Gentry, David Molnar, Zulfikar Ramzan

  26. Submission 159:
    Adapting Density Attacks to Low-Weight Knapsacks
    Phong Q. Nguyen, Jacques Stern

  27. Submission 162:
    Upper Bounds on the Communication Complexity of Optimally Resilient Cryptographic Multiparty Computation
    Martin Hirt, Jesper Buus Nielsen

  28. Submission 168:
    Some Attacks Against a Double Length Hash Proposal
    Lars Knudsen, Fradaric Muller

  29. Submission 180:
    Simple and Tight Bounds for Information Reconciliation and Privacy Amplification
    Renato Renner, Stefan Wolf

  30. Submission 183:
    A Simple Threshold Authenticated Key Exchange from Short Secrets
    Michel Abdalla, Olivier Chevassut, Pierre-Alain Fouque, David Pointcheval

  31. Submission 199:
    Cryptanalysis of RC4 in Different Usage Modes
    Itsik Mantin

  32. Submission 204:
    Graph-Decomposition-Based Frameworks for Subset-Cover Broadcast Encryption and Efficient Instantiations
    Nuttapong Attrapadung, Hideki Imai

  33. Submission 210:
    Universally Convertible Directed Signatures
    Fabien Laguillaumie, Pascal Paillier, Damien Vergnaud

  34. Submission 211:
    Discrete-Log-Based Signatures May Not Be Equivalent to Discrete Log
    Pascal Paillier, Damien Vergnaud

  35. Submission 220:
    Quantum Anonymous Transmissions
    Matthias Christandl, Stephanie Wehner

  36. Submission 226:
    Examining Indistinguishability-Based Proof Models for Key Establishment Protocols: Revisiting the Bellare-Rogaway and Canetti-Krawczyk Models
    Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Colin Boyd, Yvonne Hitchcock

  37. Submission 230:
    Revealing Additional Information in Two-Party Computations
    Andreas Jakoby, Maciej Liskiewicz