December 3-7, 2000
Kyoto, Japan

ASIACRYPT 2000 Rump Session

ASIACRYPT 2000 conference committee would like to announce the call for presentations at the rump session of ASIACRYPT 2000. We will hold the rump session in the Monday evening (19:00 -- 22:00, December 4).

The rump session is intended to be an informal session in which participants give short presentations on recent results, work in progress, advertisements, entertainment and other topics of interest to the crypto community.
Moti Yung will chair this rump session.

Those wishing to give a talk at the rump session must submit a short abstract (including the title and submitter(s)) according to one of the following procedures:

Electronic submission:
Send email to Tatsuaki Okamoto ( before December 1 (Friday) with your submission in ASCII text.
Submission at conference:
Hand the submission to either Tatsuaki Okamoto or Moti Yung at the conference before noon on December 4 (Monday).

Since the rump session will be held on Monday (not Tuesday as usual), I strongly recommend you to select the electronic submission.

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Last update: Dec. 6, 2000