ASIACRYPT 2000 List of Accepted Papers

ASIACRYPT 2000 program committee has decided accepted papers. We received 140 submissions, but 1 submission was withdrawn. 45 papers have been accepted out of the 139 submissions. The following list is the accepted papers of ASIACRYPT 2000. The list is based on the information when the papers were submitted. The authors and titles may be changed in the proceedings.
Safuat Hamdy
 Security of Cryptosystems Based on Class Groups of Imaginary Quadratic Orders
Louis Goubin and Nicolas Courtois
 Cryptanalysis of the TTM Cryptosystem
Colin Boyd and Chris Pavlovski
 Attacking and Repairing Batch Verification Schemes
Birgit Pfitzmann and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
 Anonymous Fingerprinting with Direct Non-Repudiation
Yuliang Zheng and Xian-Mo Zhang
 On Relationships among Propagation Degree, Nonlinearity and Correlation Immunity
Jaechul Sung, Sangjin Lee, Jongin Lim, and Seokhie Hong
 Provable Security for the Skipjack-like Structure against Differential Cryptanalysis and Linear Cryptanalysis
Adam Young and Moti Yung
 Towards Signature-Only Signature Schemes
Wen-Guey Tzeng and Zhi-Jia Tzeng
 Round-Efficient Conference-Key Agreement Protocols with Provable Security
Seigo Arita
 Weil descent of elliptic curves over finite fields of characteristic three
Michael Ben-Or and Danny Gutfreund
 Increasing the Power of the Dealer in Non-interactive Zero-knowledge Proof Systems
Glenn Durfee and Phong Q. Nguyen
 Cryptanalysis of the RSA Schemes with Short Secret Exponent from Asiacrypt '99
Miyako Ohkubo and Masayuki Abe
 A Length-invariant Hybrid Mix
Dan Boneh, Antoine Joux, and Phong Q. Nguyen
 Why Textbook ElGamal and RSA Encryption are Insecure
Philip MacKenzie, Sarvar Patel, and Ram Swaminathan
 Password-Authenticated Key Exchange based on RSA
Jan Camenisch and Ivan Damgard
 Verifiable Encryption, Group Encryption, and their Applications to Separable Group Signatures and Signature Sharing Schemes
Jan Camenisch
 Efficient Anonymous Fingerprinting with Group Signatures and Trusted Third Parties
Masashi Mitomo and Kaoru Kurosawa
 Attack for flash MIX
Philip Hawkes and Gregory G. Rose
 Exploiting Multiples of the Connection Polynomial in Word-Oriented Stream Ciphers
Arjen K. Lenstra and Eric R. Verheul
 Key improvements to XTR
Claus P. Schnorr and Markus Jakobsson
 Security of Signed ElGamal Encryption
Alex Biryukov and Adi Shamir
 Cryptanalytic Time/Memory/Data tradeoffs for Stream Ciphers
Mihir Bellare and Alexandra Boldyreva
 The Security of Chaffing and Winnowing
Mihir Bellare and Phillip Rogaway
 Encode-then-encipher encryption: How to exploit nonces or redundancy in plaintexts for efficient cryptography
Shiho Moriai and Serge Vaudenay
 On the Pseudorandomness of Top-Level Schemes of Block Ciphers
Anand Desai and Sara Miner
 Concrete Security Characterizations of PRFs and PRPs: Reductions and Applications
Kaoru Kurosawa and Wakaha Ogata
 How to decide on advertisement fees
Pierre Loidreau
 Strengthening McEliece cryptosystem
Marc Fischlin
 A Note on Security Proofs in the Generic Model
Martin Hirt, Ueli Maurer, and Bartosz Przydatek
 Efficient Secure Multi-Party Computation
Satoshi Hada
 Zero-Knowledge and Code Obfuscation
Markus Jakobsson and Ari Juels
 Addition of ElGamal Plaintexts
Jean-Sebastien Coron, Francois Koeune, and David Naccache
 From fixed-length to arbitrary-length RSA padding schemes
Pascal Paillier
 Trapdooring Discrete Logarithms on Elliptic Curves over Rings
Ari Juels and Markus Jakobsson
 Mix and Match: Secure Function Evaluation via Ciphertexts
Moni Naor and Benny Pinkas
 Distributed Oblivious Transfer
Brian King
 Improved methods to perform threshold RSA
Matt Franklin and Tomas Sander
 Commital Deniable Proofs and Electronic Campaign Finance
David Wagner
 Cryptanalysis of the Yi-Lam hash
Jinhui Chao, Kazuto Matsuo, Masahiro Kawashiro, and Shigeo Tsujii
 Construction of hyperelliptic curves with CM and its application to cryptosystems
Michel Abdalla and Leonid Reyzin
 A New Forward-Secure Digital Signature Scheme
David Wagner and Ian Goldberg
 Proofs of security for the Unix password hashing algorithm
Mihir Bellare and Chanathip Namprempre
 Authenticated Encryption: Notions and Constructions
Michel Abdalla and Mihir Bellare
 A Comparative Analysis of the Security of Re-Keying Techniques
G.Hanaoka, J. Shikata, Y.Zheng, and H.Imai
 Unconditionally secure ID-based digital signature scheme
Mehdi-Laurent AKKAR, Regis BEVAN, and Paul DISCHAMP
 Power Analysis, what is now possible