RSA Conference Award for Excellence in Mathematics

Starting in 2022, the IACR has agreed to co-sponsor the RSA Conference Award for Excellence in Mathematics. An announcement will be made in Feb 2022 about the next winner.

A list of past winners is:

YearRecipientCitation / Major Achievements
1998Shafi GoldwasserFor pioneering theoretical foundations of modern cryptography.
1999John PollardFor major contributions to algebraic cryptanalysis of integer factorization and discrete logarithm.
2000Ralph MerkleFor co-inventing public-key cryptography: the idea of key exchange and the Merkle's Puzzles.
2001Scott VanstoneFor outstanding contributions to applied cryptography.
2002Don CoppersmithFor exceptional contributions to symmetric and asymmetric Cryptanalysis.
2003Mihir Bellare and Phillip RogawayFor major contributions to practice oriented secure cryptography.
2004Silvio MicaliFor pioneering theoretical foundations of modern cryptography.
2005Dan BonehFor innovative designs of cryptographic primitives.
2006Oded GoldreichFor basic contributions to the foundations of cryptography.
2007Jacques SternFor contributions to mathematical techniques underlying proofs of cryptographic protocols and cryptanalysis.
2008Arjen LenstraFor contributions to computational number theory, including to integer factorization.
2009Neal Koblitz and Victor MillerFor inventing elliptic-curve cryptography.
2010David ChaumFor innovating cryptographic anonymity primitives.
2011Charles RackoffFor computational complexity oriented cryptography, including co-inventing zero-knowledge proofs.
2012Eli BihamFor symmetric key cryptanalysis, in particular for co-inventing differential cryptanalysis.
2012Mitsuru MatsuiFor symmetric key cryptanalysis, in particular for inventing linear cryptanalysis.
2013Jean-Jacques QuisquaterFor contributions to cryptographic engineering: hardware, standards, and practical zero-knowledge authentication.
2013Claus P. SchnorrFor contributions to hardware oriented efficient practical zero-knowledge authentication and signatures.
2014Bart PreneelFor contributions to applied cryptography and to the cryptanalysis and design of cryptographic hash functions.
2015Ivan DamgårdFor contributions to cryptographic hashing principles and to cryptographic protocols.
2015Hugo KrawczykFor contributions to hashing based message authentication codes and to applied key-agreement protocols.
2016Ueli MaurerFor contributions to Information-theoretic Cryptography and to analysis of cryptographic schemes.
2017Tatsuaki OkamotoFor contributions to numerous primitives and protocols within public-key cryptography.
2018Ran CanettiFor contributions to the foundations of secure multi-party computation.
2018Rafail OstrovskyFor contributions to the theory and to new variants of secure multi-party computations.
2019Tal RabinFor contributions to distributed cryptographic protocols: Multi-Party Computations, threshold cryptography, and signature schemes.
2020Joan Daemen and Vincent RijmenFor major contributions to symmetric key cryptography, including the development of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)].
2021David PointchevalFor developing Provable security arguments for applied Public-key cryptographic systems and protocols.