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TikZ for Cryptographers

What is TikZ?

PGF/TikZ is a tandem of languages for producing vector graphics from a geometric/algebraic description. PGF is a lower-level language, while TikZ is a set of higher-level macros that use PGF. The top-level PGF and TikZ commands are invoked as TeX macros. Together with the LaTeX language, it is the most efficient way to write research papers. More from Wikipedia.

How to use this repository

You can browse the available figures by using the left menu, either selecting one of the categories, or by searching for a keyword in the dedicated field. A sublist of the corresponding figures will then appear, and choosing any will display the actual compiled image (in low-quality for efficiency reasons) together with its associated LaTeX code generating it. From there, you can download the actual code and/or PDF, as well as some custom packages.

How to contribute

Do you have any TiKZ code that you are willing to share? If yes, please do not hesitate to contact Jérémy Jean and send the images to Jean(dot)Jeremy(at)gmail(dot)com following the same format as the images on this website. He will look into including them into this repository.

Free of use

All the TikZ images and codes available on this website are distributed under the Creative Commons licence CC0. You can use them to create your owns, modify them as much as you want, and include them in any documents.


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We would be very grateful if you could cite this repository as a source of inspiration :-)
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