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The Layered Games Framework for Specifications and Analysis of Security Protocols
Amir Herzberg Igal Yoffe
Tcc 2008
The Layered Games Framework for Specifications and Analysis of Security Protocols
Amir Herzberg Igal Yoffe
We establish rigorous foundations to the use of modular, layered design for building complex distributed systems. Layering is key to the design of the Internet and other distributed systems, hence such solid, theoretical...
last revised 22 Jun 2008
The Delivery and Evidences Layer
Amir Herzberg Igal Yoffe
Evidences of delivery are essential for resolving (and avoiding) disputes on delivery of messages, in classical as well as electronic commerce. We present the first rigorous specifications and provably-secure implementation,...
received 19 Apr 2007
Foundations of Secure E-Commerce: The Order Layer
Amir Herzberg Igal Yoffe
We present specifications and provable protocol, for secure ordering and provision of digital goods and services. Notably, our protocol includes fully automated resolution of disputes between providers and customers. Disputes...
received 19 Oct 2006
Theory of Cryptography 2008
Much of the information on this web page was provided courtesy of Michael Ley and the DBLP Project TCC 2008: New York, NY, USA Ran Canetti (Ed.): Theory of Cryptography, Fifth Theory of Cryptography Conference, TCC 2008, New...
TCC 2008
Fifth IACR Theory of Cryptography Conference TCC 2008 March 19-21 2008, New York University New York, USA Home Contact Submissions Call for papers Accepted papers Program Rump Session Special Event Venue Registration...
Igal Yoffe
Author Index, Theory of Cryptography, 2008
Author Index, Theory of Cryptography, 2008 Abraham, Ittai, 296 Beerliová-Trubıniová, Zuzana, 207 , 225 Beimel, Amos, 189 Belenkiy, Mira, 352 Biham, Eli, 50 Chailloux, André, 496 Chase, Melissa, 352 Choi, Seung Geol, 422...
Provable Security for PKI Schemes
Hemi Leibowitz Amir Herzberg Ewa Syta
In this work we apply the systematic approach of game-based security specifications and proofs by reductions, to the design and evaluation of public key infrastructure (PKI) schemes. The importance of rigorous definitions and...
received 11 Jul 2019
ROYALE: A Framework for Universally Composable Card Games with Financial Rewards and Penalties Enforcement
Bernardo David Rafael Dowsley Mario Larangeira
While many tailor made card game protocols are known, the vast majority of those suffer from three main issues: lack of mechanisms for distributing financial rewards and punishing cheaters, lack of composability guarantees and...
last revised 30 Apr 2019
Hoda Maleki Saeed Valizadeh William Koch Azer Bestavros Marten van Dijk
We introduce a Markov-model-based framework for Moving Target Defense (MTD) analysis. The framework allows modeling of a broad range of MTD strategies, provides general theorems about how the probability of a successful...
last revised 2 Oct 2016
Amir Herzberg
Bar Ilan University
Folklore, Practice and Theory of Robust Combiners
Amir Herzberg
Cryptographic schemes are often designed as a combination of multiple component cryptographic modules. Such a combiner design is {\em robust} for a (security) specification if it meets the specification, provided that a...
last revised 20 Mar 2008
Towards Provably-Secure Timed E-Commerce: The Trusted Delivery Layer
Amir Herzberg
Certified exchange of messages is an essential mechanism for e-commerce; the timing aspects (timeouts and timestamps) are very important for practical applications. However existing formal methods for security analysis assume...
last revised 8 Feb 2004
Automated Security Proofs with Sequences of Games
Bruno Blanchet David Pointcheval
This paper presents the first automatic technique for proving not only protocols but also primitives in the exact security computational model. Automatic proofs of cryptographic protocols were up to now reserved to the...
last revised 11 Jun 2006
Towards a Theory of White-Box Security
Amir Herzberg Haya Shulman Amitabh Saxena Bruno Crispo
Program hardening for secure execution in remote untrusted environment is an important yet elusive goal of security, with numerous attempts and efforts of the research community to produce secure solutions. Obfuscation is the...
last revised 25 Apr 2009
Analysis and Trade-Offs for the (Complete Tree) Layered Subset Difference Broadcast Encryption Scheme
Sanjay Bhattacherjee Palash Sarkar
Broadcast Encryption (BE) is an important technique for digital rights management (DRM). Two key parameters of a BE scheme are the average size of the transmission overhead and the size of the secret information to be stored...
received 13 Jun 2012
Cryptographic Protocols to Prevent Spam
Amir Herzberg
This is a survey of mechanisms to control or prevent spam, with emphsis on cryptographic protocols. We also present a new cryptographic protocol, Secure Automated Resolution Protocol, which can be used to penalize spammers...
received 21 Sep 2005
Accepted papers for Crypto '95
Accepted papers for Crypto '95 The following is a list of papers that have been accepted for presentation at Crypto '95. A full program will appear later. Cryptanalysis of the Matsumoto and Imai Public Key Scheme of Eurocrypt...
On Power Splitting Games in Distributed Computation: The Case of Bitcoin Pooled Mining
Loi Luu Ratul Saha Inian Parameshwaran Prateek Saxena Aquinas Hobor
Several new services incentivize clients to compete in solving large computation tasks in exchange for financial rewards. This model of competitive distributed computation enables every user connected to the Internet to...
last revised 1 Jun 2015
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