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Secure Vickrey Auctions without Threshold Trust
Helger Lipmaa N. Asokan Valtteri Niemi
We argue that threshold trust is not an option in most of the real-life electronic auctions. We then propose two new cryptographic Vickrey auction schemes that involve, apart from the bidders and the seller $S$, an auction...
last revised 3 May 2002
New Reports in the Cryptology ePrint Archive
New Reports in the Cryptology ePrint Archive 2002/030 ( PS PS.GZ ) Adaptive chi-square test and its application to some cryptographic problems. Boris Ryabko 2002/029 ( PS PS.GZ PDF ) Efficient Computation Modulo a Shared...
Valtteri Niemi
Nokia Research Center
On Diophantine Complexity and Statistical Zero-Knowledge Arguments
Helger Lipmaa
We show how to construct practical honest-verifier statistical zero-knowledge \emph{Diophantine} arguments of knowledge (HVSZK AoK) that a committed tuple of integers belongs to an arbitrary language in bounded arithmetic. ...
last revised 5 Sep 2003
New Reports in the Cryptology ePrint Archive
New Reports in the Cryptology ePrint Archive (The list contains reports posted since the last newsletter issue appeared.) 2003/034 ( PS PS.GZ PDF ) On the (In)security of the Fiat-Shamir Paradigm Shafi Goldwasser and Yael...
Interleaving Cryptography and Mechanism Design: The Case of Online Auctions
Edith Elkind Helger Lipmaa
We propose a new cryptographically protected multi-round auction mechanism for online auctions. This auction mechanism is designed to provide (in this order) security, cognitive convenience, and round-effectiveness. One can...
last revised 30 Dec 2003
Trustee: Full Privacy Preserving Vickrey Auction on top of Ethereum
Hisham S. Galal Amr M. Youssef
The wide deployment of tokens for digital assets on top of Ethereum implies the need for powerful trading platforms. Vickrey auctions have been known to determine the real market price of items as bidders are motivated to...
received 31 Jan 2019
Man-in-the-Middle in Tunnelled Authentication Protocols
N. Asokan Valtteri Niemi Kaisa Nyberg
Recently new protocols have been proposed in IETF for protecting remote client authentication protocols by running them within a secure tunnel. Examples of such protocols are PIC, PEAP and EAP-TTLS. One goal of these new...
last revised 13 Nov 2002
Helger Lipmaa
University of Tartu, Estonia ; Simula UiB, Norway
Efficient Culpably Sound NIZK Shuffle Argument without Random Oracles
Prastudy Fauzi Helger Lipmaa
One way to guarantee security against malicious voting servers is to use NIZK shuffle arguments. Up to now, only two NIZK shuffle arguments in the CRS model have been proposed. Both arguments are relatively inefficient...
last revised 25 Nov 2015
EUROCRYPT '98 Contact Information
EUROCRYPT '98 Contact Information Please direct your correspondence to the relevant person below, or send email to the general mailing address . For up-to-date information, see also the conference WWW pages...
How to Prevent Buying of Votes in Computer Elections
Valtteri Niemi Ari Renvall
Asiacrypt 1994
A New Trapdoor in Knapsacks
Valtteri Niemi
Eurocrypt 1990
TWOPRIME: A Fast Stream Ciphering Algorithm
Cunsheng Ding Valtteri Niemi Ari Renvall Arto Salomaa
Fse 1997
PKC 2010 - Program
Program Call for papers Program Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 12:30 Registration 13:50 Opening 14:00 Encryption I (Session chair: Duong Hieu Phan) Simple and Efficient Public-Key Encryption from Computational Diffie-Hellman in the...
Presentation Files download: Download All Title Authors Download Opening Ceremony Chi Sung Laih Session 1 Chosen-Ciphertext Security without Redundancy Duong Hieu Phan, David Pointcheval Some RSA-based Encryption Schemes with...
N. Asokan
New Reports in the Cryptology ePrint Archive
New Reports in the Cryptology ePrint Archive Note: The 1996-1999 contents of the Theory of Cryptology Library have been automatically included in the Cryptology ePrint Archive for the years prior to 2000. 2000/049 ( PS PS.GZ )...
A correction to ``Efficient and Secure Comparison for On-Line Auctions''
Ivan Damg{\aa}rd Martin Geisler Mikkel Kr{\o}igaard
In this note, we describe a correction to the cryptosystem proposed by the authors in "Efficient and Secure Comparison for On-Line Auctions". Although the correction is small and does not affect the performance of the...
received 25 Jul 2008
PKC 2010: David Pointcheval and Phong Q. Nguyen (Eds.): Public Key Cryptography - PKC 2010 - PKC 2010, 13th International Conference on Practice and Theory in Public Key Cryptography, Paris, France, May 26-28, 2010...
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