IACR Theory of Cryptography (TCC) 2011

These are the proceedings of TCC 2011, the 8th Theory of Cryptography Conference, which was held in Brown University, Providence, RI, from March 28 to 30, 2011. The conference was sponsored by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). The General Chair was Anna Lysyanskaya.

The program committee, consisting of 18 members, selected 35 of 108 submissions for presentation at the conference. Two closely related submissions were presented by a single joint talk, resulting in a technical program with 34 talks. The program also included two invited lectures: by Luca Trevisan, titled "Dense Model Theorems and Their Applications," and by Rafael Pass, titled "Concurrent Security and Non-Malleability." The conference featured a rump session for informal short presentations of new results, chaired by Tal Malkin.

The Best Student Paper Award was given to Stefano Tessaro for his paper "Security Amplification for the Cascade of Arbitrarily Weak PRPs: Tight Bounds via the Interactive Hardcore Lemma." Three additional papers were selected for invitation to the Journal of Cryptology : "Input Locality and Hardness Amplification," by Andrej Bogdanov and Alon Rosen, "PCPs and the Hardness of Generating Private Synthetic Data," by Jonathan Ullman and Salil Vadhan, and "Round-Optimal Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange," by Jonathan Katz and Vinod Vaikuntanathan.

I am grateful to all those who helped make this conference possible. First and foremost I wish to thank all authors who contributed to the excellent pool of submissions. There were more high quality submissions than we could fit into the program, a clear indication that the TCC conference is going strong. I deeply thank the program committee members for their dedication and hard work. The initial review stage was followed by intensive discussions which helped shape the program and resulted in additional feedback to the authors. Many of the reviews were provided by external reviewers whose names are listed in the following page. I thank them all for their time and effort.

Special thanks go to Anna Lysyanskaya, who as a General Chair was in charge of the local arrangements and also doubled as a program committee member, to Geetha Jagannathan for administering the conference web site, and to Tal Malkin for chairing the rump session. I thank Vipul Goyal, Krzysztof Pietrzak, Mike Rosulek, and Dominique Unruh for their help with shepherding and verifying accepted papers. We had the pleasure of using the submissions and review software developed by Shai Halevi. I thank Shai for providing quick technical assistance whenever it was needed. Finally, I am indebted to Oded Goldreich, the chair of the TCC Steering Committee, as well as the recent TCC chairs Tal Rabin, Shai Halevi, Salil Vadhan, Ran Canetti, Omer Reingold, and Daniele Micciancio for their help and advice.

January 2011                                                                                                   Yuval Ishai
TCC 2011 Program Chair