International Association for Cryptologic Research

Preface, IACR FSE 2008

Fast Software Encryption (FSE) is the 15th in a series of workshops on symmetric cryptography. It is sponsored by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), and previous FSE workshops have been held around the world:

1993  Cambridge, UK   1994   Leuven, Belgium
1996   Cambridge UK   1997   Haifa, Israel
1998   Paris, France    1999   Rome, Italy
2000   New York, USA    2001   Yokohama, Japan
2002   Leuven, Belgium   2003   Lund, Sweden   
2004   New Delhi, India    2005   Paris, France
2006   Graz, Austria    2007   Luxembourg, Luxembourg

The FSE workshop is devoted to the foreground research on fast and secure primitives for symmetric cryptography, including the design and analysis of block ciphers, stream ciphers, encryption schemes, analysis and evaluation tools, hash functions, and message authentication codes.

This year 72 papers were submitted to FSE including a large number of high quality and focused submissions, from which 26 papers for regular presentation and 4 papers for short presentation were selected. I wish to thank the authors of all submissions for their scientific contribution to the workshop. The workshop also featured an invited talk by Lars R. Knudsen with the title ``Hash functions and SHA-3". The traditional rump session with short informal presentations on current topics was organized and chaired by Daniel J.~Bernstein.

Each submission was reviewed by at least three program committee members. Each submission originating from the program committee received at least five reviews. The final selection was made after a thorough discussion. I wish to thank all program committee members and referees for their generous work. I am also grateful to Thomas Baignères for maintaining and customizing the iChair review management software which offered an excellent support for the demanding reviewing task. I would also like to thank him for setting up a beautiful and informative Web site and for compiling the pre-proceedings.

The efforts of the team members of the local organizing committee at Lausanne led by Serge Vaudenay and Thomas Baignères were particularly appreciated by the over 200 cryptographers who came from all over the world to attend the workshop. The support given to the FSE 2008 workshop by the sponsors École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Nagravision and Nokia is also gratefully acknowledged.

March 2008        Kaisa Nyberg