Call for Proposals for holding future TCCs

We are seeking organizers for future TCCs. Would you like to be one? If so, please let the steering committee know of your interest ASAP by notifying shaih AT alum DOT mit DOT edu. It will be useful if you provide as much as possible of the following information (but this can wait for a later stage): Indeed, we will need the aforementioned information at a later stage (i.e., at the time we choose the location), but Shai will let you know of our needs for these details in due time. We typically want to make a decision for TCC N a few months ahead of TCC N-1.

Current status: The location of next TCC, in January 2016, has been determined. For 2016 we expect to hold two TCC's, one in January and the other in Nov-Dec. Currently, the next proposal we seek is for holding the second TCC, in Nov-Dec of 2016. If you'd like to make a proposition for that or a later year, please send Shai an initial email. Detailed proposals would be sought at a later stage.

Preferred dates: We are in the process of moving TCC from its traditional time-frame in Feb-Mar to the new time frame of Nov-Dec. For 2016, the preference is to have it either on the week of Nov 13-17 or sometime between Nov-29 and Dec-16.

History: For your information, here is how the TCC calendar has looked so far:

Year Dates Location General Chair(s)
2004 Feb. 19-21 MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA Shafi Goldwasser
2005 Feb. 10-12 MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA Shafi Goldwasser
2006 March 5-7 Columbia, New York, NY, USA Shai Halevi and Tal Rabin
2007 Feb. 21-24 Amsterdam, Netherland Ronald Cramer
2008 March 19-21 NYU, New York, NY, USA Yevgeniy Dodis and Victor Shoup
2009 March 15-17 San Francisco, USA Dan Boneh
2010 Feb. 9-11 ETH Zurich, Swiss Martin Hirt and Ueli Maurer
2011 March 28-30 Brown, Providence, RI, USA Anna Lysyanskaya
2012 March 19-21 Taormina, Sicily, Italy Nelly Fazio and Rosario Gennaro
2013 March 4-6 University of Tokyo, Japan Masayuki Abe and Tatsuaki Okamoto
2014 Feb. 24-26 UCSD, California, USA Mihir Bellare and Daniele Micciancio
2015 Mar. 23-25 Warsaw, Poland Stefan Dziembowski