International Association for Cryptologic Research

IACR 2014 Election

Election of Directors

The three directors whose terms are expiring are

  • Josh Benaloh
  • Shai Halevi
  • Moti Yung

Election Committee

  • Bart Preneel (Chair)
  • Michel Abdalla (Returning Officer)
  • Anna Lysyanskaya
Further important information:
  • Election Fingerprint: lYdzDsh8HrxBcTCAsXE2fzHpn3skLBe+jRF7ODqijFo
  • Trustee #1: Bart Preneel
    Public Key Fingerprint: SnhldeHmbgBRjde1diKoS+TFWe/jotNg2X5ZVU2TM/k
  • Trustee #2: Michel Abdalla
    Public Key Fingerprint: R9tOoSqUlBPpoULzR42xl5b3eG2a4BJKFILup/e7aPM

This year, the election will be conducted electronically from October 15 through November 15 using the Helios cryptographically-verifiable election system.

See for a brief overview of how the Helios system works.

See for information on the IACR decision to adopt Helios.

How To Vote

2014 members of the IACR (generally people who attended an IACR conference or workshop in 2013) should have received a customized invitation to vote from system (at), with a subject line "IACR 2014 Election - Link and Credentials", sent to their email address of record with the IACR. (Members may update their email addresses and other information by visiting

That email message contains the Election URL:, the Election Fingerprint: lYdzDsh8HrxBcTCAsXE2fzHpn3skLBe+jRF7ODqijFo, and in addition a username and password for voting in the elections. (Please notice that the system will only ask for your username and password at the end of the voting process, after you entered all your choices.) Questions about this election may be sent to elections (at)

Candidates for Election in 2014

The candidates below are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Masayuki Abe
    By becoming an IACR Board member, I would like to give back more to this community that has nurtured and supported my research over the past twenty years. I would support the current trend of promoting more opportunity for the members to get involved in the IACR events.

  • Josh Benaloh
    I am honored to have served on the IACR Board for fourteen years in capacities including Officer, Director, and General Chair. Much has changed in that time, but there is still much work to be done such as ensuring effective implementation of parallel sessions and achieving gold open access to publications.

  • Phong Nguyen
    I have been serving on program committees of IACR conferences since 2002, and l was PC co-chair of EUROCRYPT 2013-14 and PKC 2010. I would like to promote scientific excellence, open-access publishing and diversity. I have worked in Europe. America, and Asia.

  • Moti Yung
    I spent the last year on the Board. There are numerous important decisions to be completed, related to the basic nature of IACR, its workshops (all areas) and conferences. I wish to continue contributing my experience in science, technology, and IACR itself at this crucial moment in IACR's history.

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