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Book Reviews

The following reviews shall help the IACR members and the community to buy books in cryptology and related areas.

If you have any questions regarding the IACR book reviewing system, or would like to volunteer a review, please contact Edoardo Persichetti (Dakota State University, USA) via books at You can check the list of reviewable books to see if your favourite book is still available. At the moment, this list contains books of Cambridge University Press, CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, Elsevier, Presses Polytechnique Et Universitaires Romandes, Springer and Wiley, whose support we hereby gratefully acknowledge.

The reviews are organized by publishing house. If you search for a specific topic or author, you can use <CTRL>+F (or likewise) in your browser.

Cambridge University Press

  1. I. Blake, G. Seroussi, N. Smart: Elliptic Curves in Cryptography

  2. R. Churchhouse: Codes and Ciphers

  3. I. Csiszar, J. Koerner: Information Theory: Coding Theorems for Discrete Memoryless Systems

  4. E. Desurvire: Classical and Quantum Information Theory

  5. O. Goldreich: Foundations of Cryptography, Volumes I and II

  6. S. W. Golomb, G. Gong: Signal Design for Good Correlation For Wireless Communication, Cryptography, and Radar

  7. M. Hendry: Multi-application Smart Cards Technology and Applications

  8. R. Lidl, H. Niederreiter: Finite Fields (2nd Edition)

  9. S. Loepp, W. Wootters: Protecting Information: From Classical Error Correction to Quantum Cryptography

  10. J. H. Loxton: Number Theory and Cryptography

  11. R. J. McEliece: The Theory of Information and Coding (2nd Edition)

  12. N. D. Mermin: Quantum Computer Science

  13. M. A. Nielsen, I. L. Chuang: Quantum Computation and Quantum Information

  14. J. Talbot, D. Welsh: Complexity and Cryptography: An Introduction

  15. J. C. A. Van Der Lubbe: Basic Methods of Cryptography

CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

  1. S. A. Ahson, M. Ilyas: Cloud Computing and Software Services - Theory and Techniques

  2. F. Bonchi, E. Ferrari (Editors): Privacy-Aware Knowledge Discovery

  3. N. Boudriga: Security of Mobile Communications

  4. W. J. Buchanan: Introduction to Security and Network Forensics

  5. Z. Cao: New Directions of Modern Cryptography

  6. G. Chartrand, P. Zhang: Chromatic Graph Theory

  7. H. Cohen, G. Frey: Handbook of Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography

  8. A. Das: Computational Number Theory

  9. S. N. Elaydi: Discrete Chaos, second edition

  10. A. J. Elbirt: Understanding and Applying Cryptography and Data Security

  11. M. Erickson, A. Vazzana: Introduction to Number Theory

  12. B. Furht, D. Kirovski: Multimedia Watermarking Techniques and Applications

  13. R. Garnier, G. Taylor: Discrete Mathematics

  14. J. Graham, R. Howard, R. Olson: Cyber Security Essentials

  15. D. W. Hardy, F. Richman, C. L. Walker: Applied Algebra - Codes, Ciphers, And Discrete Algorithms

  16. S. Heubach, T. Mansour: Combinatorics of Compositions and Words

  17. M. J. Hinek: Cryptanalysis of RSA and its Variants

  18. F. Hu, X. Cao: Wireless Sensor Networks: Principles and Practice

  19. D. Jacobson: Introduction to Network Security

  20. A. Joux: Algorithmic Cryptanalysis

  21. A. Joux: Algorithmic Cryptanalysis

  22. J. Katz, Y. Lindell: Introduction to Modern Cryptography

  23. J. Koolen, J. Ho Kwak, M.-Y. Xu (Editors): Applications of Group Theory to Combinatorics

  24. J. S. Kraft, L. C. Washington: An Introduction to Number Theory with Cryptography

  25. D. J. Landoll: The Security Risk Assessment Handbook - A Complete Guide for Performing Security Risk Assessments

  26. S. Lian: Multimedia Content Encryption: Techniques and Applications

  27. N. A. Loehr: Bijective Combinatorics

  28. A. Lozano-Nieto: RFID Design Fundamentals and Applications

  29. A. McAndrew: Introduction to Cryptography with Open-Source Software

  30. M. S. Merkow, L. Raghavan: Secure and Resilient Software Development

  31. R. A. Mollin: Advanced Number Theory with Applications

  32. R. A. Mollin: Algebraic Number Theory (2nd Edition)

  33. R. A. Mollin: Codes: The Guide to Secrecy from Ancient to Modern Times

  34. R. A. Mollin: Fundamental Number Theory with Applications (2nd Edition)

  35. G. L. Mullen, D. Panario: Handbook of Finite Fields

  36. R. C. Newman: Computer Forensics - Evidence Collection and Management

  37. A. S. K. Pathan: Security of Self-Organizing Networks

  38. F. Roberts, B. Tesman: Applied Combinatorics (2nd Edition)

  39. K. Rosen: Handbook of Discrete & Combinatorial Mathematics (2nd Edition)

  40. B. Rosenberg: Handbook of Financial Cryptography and Security

  41. J. Smith: Introduction to Abstract Algebra

  42. A. Stanoyevitch: Discrete Structures with Contemporary Applications

  43. A. Stanoyevitch: Introduction to Cryptography

  44. A. K. Talukder, M. Chaitanya: Architecting Secure Software Systems

  45. G. Valiente: Combinatorial Pattern Matching Algorithms in Computational Biology using Perl and R

  46. L. C. Washington: Elliptic Curves - Number Theory and Cryptography (2nd Edition)

  47. Y. Zhang, P. Kitsos: Security in RFID and Sensor Networks

  48. Y. Zhang, J. Zheng, H. Hu: Security in Wireless Mesh Networks


  1. K. de Leeuw, J. Bergstra (Editors): The History of Information Security - A Comprehensive Handbook

Presses Polytechnique Et Universitaires Romandes

  1. G. Avoine, P. Oechslin, P. Junod: Computer System Security: Basic Concepts and Solved Exercises

  2. B. Martin: Codage, Cryptologie et Applications [French]

  3. S. Vaudenay: La Fracture Cryptographique [French]


  1. M. Aigner, G. M. Ziegler: Proofs from THE BOOK (4th Edition)

  2. T. Baignères, P. Junod, Y. Lu, J. Monnerat, S. Vaudenay: A Classical Introduction To Cryptography Exercise Book

  3. M.W. Baldoni, C. Ciliberto, G.M. Piacentini Cattaneo: Elementary Number Theory, Cryptography and Codes

  4. G. V. Bard: Algebraic Cryptanalysis

  5. F. L. Bauer: Historische Notizen zur Informatik [German]

  6. F. L. Bauer: Decrypted Secrets - Methods and Maxims of Cryptology

  7. F. L. Bauer: Entzifferte Geheimnisse - Methoden und Maximen der Kryptologie [German]

  8. G. Bella: Formal Correctness of Security Protocols

  9. D. J. Bernstein, J. Buchmann, E. Dahmen (Editors): Post-Quantum Cryptography

  10. N. L. Biggs: Codes: An Introduction to Information, Communication and Cryptography

  11. J. Biskup: Security in Computing Systems

  12. C. Boyd, A. Mathuria: Protocols for Authentication and Key Establishment

  13. J. Buchmann: Introduction to Cryptography

  14. J. Buchmann, U. Vollmer: Binary Quadratic Forms

  15. J. Calmet, W. Geiselmann, J. Mueller-Quade: Mathematical Methods in Computer Science

  16. S. Chatterjee, P. Sarkar: Identity-Based Encryption

  17. H. Chen, E. Reid, J. Sinai, A. Silke, B. Ganor: Terrorism Informatics

  18. K.-K. R. Choo: Secure Key Establishment

  19. C. Cid, S. Murphy, M. Robshaw: Algebraic Aspects of the Advanced Encryption Standard

  20. P. H. Cole, D. C. Ranasinghe: Networked RFID Systems and Lightweight Cryptography

  21. R. Crandall, C. Pomerance: Prime Numbers: A Computational Perspective

  22. C. Cremers, S. Mauw: Operational Semantics and Verification of Security Protocols

  23. E. Damiani, C. A. Ardagna, N. El Ioini: Open Source Systems Security Certification

  24. H. Delfs, H. Knebl: Introduction to Cryptography, Principles and Applications (2nd Edition)

  25. A. W. Dent, Y. Zheng: Practical Signcryption

  26. M. Dietzfelbinger: Primality Testing in Polynomial Time

  27. J. Ding, J. E. Gower, D. S. Schmidt: Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystems

  28. S. Foresti: Preserving Privacy in Data Outsourcing

  29. A. A. Ghorbani, W. Lu, M. Tavallaee: Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention

  30. M. Hafner, R. Breu: Security Engineering for Service-Oriented Architectures

  31. C. Hazay, Y. Lindell: Efficient Secure Two-Party Protocols

  32. D. Henrici: RFID Security and Privacy

  33. M. Higgins: Number Story: From Counting to Cryptography

  34. J. Hoffstein, J. Pipher, J. Silverman: An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography

  35. J. Hromkovic: Algorithmic Adventures

  36. J. Hromkovic: Theoretical Computer Science

  37. J. M. Kizza: Guide to Computer Network Security

  38. L. R. Knudsen and M. J. B. Robshaw: The Block Cipher Companion

  39. Ç. K. Koç: Cryptographic Engineering

  40. L. Kocarev, S. Lian: Chaos-Based Cryptography

  41. L. C. Larson: Problem-Solving Through Problems

  42. W. Lee, C. Wand, D. Dagon: Botnet Detection

  43. K. Lemke, C. Paar, M. Wolf (Editors): Embedded Security in Cars

  44. R. J. Lipton: The P=NP Question and Gödel’s Lost Letter

  45. S. Mangard, E. Oswald, T. Popp: Power Analysis Attacks: Revealing the Secrets of Smart Cards

  46. K. Mayes, K. Markantonakis (Editors): Smart Cards, Tokens, Security and Applications

  47. K. Mehlhorn, P. Sanders: Algorithms and Data Structures: The Basic Toolbox

  48. P. Nguyen, Vallee: The LLL Algorithm

  49. F. Nielsen: A Concise and Practical Introduction to Programming Algorithms in Java

  50. C. Paar, J. Pelzl: Understanding Cryptography

  51. H. Riesel: Prime Numbers and Computer Methods for Factorization

  52. J. Rothe: Complexity Theory and Cryptology - An Introduction to Cryptocomplexity

  53. J. Rothe: Komplexitätstheorie und Kryptologie - Eine Einführung in die Kryptokomplexität [German]

  54. C. Rousseau, Y. Saint Aubin: Mathematics and Technology

  55. A.-R. Sadeghi, D. Naccache (Editors): Towards Hardware-Intrinsic Security: Foundations and Practice

  56. M. Sala, T. Mora, L. Perret, S. Sakata, C. Traverso (Editors): Gröbner Bases, Coding, and Cryptography

  57. D. Salomon: Elements of Computer Security

  58. B. Schneier: Beyond Fear

  59. A. Singh, B. Singh: Identifying Malicious Code Through Reverse Engineering

  60. P. Stavroulakis, M. Stamp: Handbook of Information and Communication Security

  61. H. Stichtenoth: Algebraic Function Fields and Codes (2nd Edition)

  62. Y. Sun, W. Trappe, K. J. R. Liu: Network-Aware Security for Group Communications

  63. P. Traynor, P. McDaniel, T. La Porta: Security for Telecommunications Networks

  64. P. Tuyls, B. Skoric, T. Kevenaar (Editors): Security with Noisy Data

  65. S. Vaudenay: A Classical Introduction to Cryptography: Applications for Communications Security

  66. S. Y. Yan: Cryptanalytic Attacks on RSA

  67. S. Y. Yan: Primality Testing and Integer Factorization in Public-Key Cryptography

  68. K. Yang, X. Jia: Security for Cloud Storage Systems


  1. R. Anderson: Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems (2nd Edition)

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